You Made The Right Choice!


There are several companies who claim to care but SCEM however truly does. SCEM is focused on the client.  

It is our belief that creating strong relationships with our clients and incorporating our vast knowledge and expertise in event management will ensure that the needs of our clients are met and that we, both client and SCEM are ahead of the game.

We believe in transparency, thus you can be assured that you will receive periodic updates from us keeping you informed of every single facet of planning of your event. You will be involved in the decision making process to ensure a more personal feel and essentially a more personal product. 

Our services are designed to allow you to choose how best we can help you stage your event from inception to completion. 

Regardless of size or complexity or budget; excellence is guaranteed. Our success lies in the success of your project.

We see you our client and the task at hand through fresh unblinkered eyes without the filters and preconceived notions that the competition may have.

We acheive efficiency.

We get the job done!